Evans Light is the author of Screamscapes: Tales of Terror, the novella Arboreatum, Don’t Need No Water, and more.


He currently resides in a warm, southern state surrounded by thousands of vintage horror paperbacks, and is the proud father of fine sons and the lucky husband of a beautiful wife, and is co-creator of Dead Roses and the Bad Apples anthology series.



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Savoring the Cheese: An Appreciation of 80's Horror Paperbacks (Fri, 16 Dec 2016)
Hungry for more cool 80's retro? I show some of my favorite covers from one of horror's greatest generations over on WHERE DARKNESS DWELLS: Savoring the Cheese: An Appreciation of 80's Horror Paperbacks by Evans Light posted by Evans Light on May, 22
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JUDGING BOOKS BY THEIR COVERS by Robert Essig, with Evans Light. (Mon, 21 Nov 2016)
New article from Splatterpunk Zine: JUDGING BOOKS BY THEIR COVERS by Robert Essig, with Evans Light. posted by Evans Light on May, 16
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DREAM OF HALLOWEEN: a FREE short story available only for a limited time. (Fri, 28 Oct 2016)
Something sinister creeps through the house, growing stronger as the nights last longer... "Beautiful, atmospheric, and thoughtfully chilling Halloween tale without the superfluous violence and gore." Jason Parent, author of SEEING EVIL Download your complimentary Kindle eBook here: Dream of Halloween by Evans Light Dream of Halloween posted by Evans Light on May, 12
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Now Available! Bad Apples 3: Seven Slices of Halloween Horror (Wed, 07 Sep 2016)
Available now: Bad Apples 3: Seven Slices of Halloween Horror Click picture for link. posted by Evans Light on May, 22
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New Review: Taboogasm, by Gregor Xane (Sun, 28 Aug 2016)
TaboogasmTaboogasm by Gregor Xane My rating: 5 of 5 stars (FULL DISCLOSURE: Gregor Xane has been a fellow contributor on several anthologies, and has become a friend over the last couple of years. That being said, our friendship was born primarily out of his stellar writing abilities, as his debut short story "It Came From Hell and Smashed the Angels" and novella Six Dead Spots absolutely blew me away and led me to seek him out. This review is my honest opinion, as free from personal bias as possible.) I've just finished reading TABOOGASM, Gregor Xane's first full-length work since the mind-melting spectacle that was The Hanover Block. I finished reading it yesterday, slept on it, yet still find myself at a loss for words. TABOOGASM may in fact be a mystical porthole, a voyeuristic excursion into Gregor Xane's dreams. Much like Xane's The Hanover Block, this book defies description. TABOOGASM is its own thing, a whole new flavor of inXanity™. If I wanted to orient a mainstream reader, I'd say it lies somewhere in the general vicinity of Douglas Adams and David Wong (John Dies at the End), and it does - but in the same sort of way that Pluto lies in the general vicinity of earth. The book is unrelentingly imaginative and by turns funny, bizarre, vulgar, and surprisingly action-packed. There's a light feel to the whole proceedings, playfulness laced with a sense of unease generated by a story line that veers so far off the path well-traveled you'll find yourself holding on for dear life as things pick up speed. One of the hallmarks of a good book is a feeling of disappointment when the final sentence arrives, a longing for the story to continue. I'm eager to follow this adventure along to the next uncharted destination, and I hope this book connects with an audience so that can happen someday. The ending leaves things perfectly poised for a sequel. If you want to be amused and disturbed in the best possible ways, give this a spin. You'd have to be incapable of joy to not have a good time with this book. 4.5 STARS - It left me wanting more! View all my reviews posted by Evans Light on March, 27
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